Bent Muffbanger - Songwriter, vocals, guitar, bass guitar, keyboards, percussion

Bent Muffbanger is the stage persona of songwriter and recording artist Carl Sheperd, a native Vermonter who writes, records, and produces his own original music. He is a versatile songwriter and recording artist with over 30 years of experience in playing, writing, and recording music.

Bent Muffbanger incorporates driving guitars, powerful melodies, introspective lyrics, and distinctive harmonies to create his own unique 'wall of sound'. He masterfully combines styles and sounds to create some of the most ingenious, insightful, groove-filled music you can find today. His style and songwriting are heavily influenced by the music he grew up with during the '70s and '80s. He writes what he likes, combining the best of music, to create songs that are fresh and new but familiar.

He's built up a cult following as Bent Muffbanger on YoutubeFacebook, and Twitter. You can buy, listen and share Bent Muffbanger here or on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, iHeartRadio, Bandcamp, Pandora, and more.


Latest News and Reviews

Mysticus Metal - Lord Mysticus Review of Jafu 

From Mysticus Metal

Here we will find “insightful lyrics, driving guitars, polished bass lines and their characteristic harmonies,” as expressed by the author of this project on his website, you can mainly find a versatility in rock rhythms since we see songs that bet him al Psychedelic Rock (Track1, track2, track 8), Synth Rock (Track3, track 4, track 7), Alternative 80's Rock (Track 5), traditional rock and roll (track 6). Additionally, the good guitar solos and the synchronization of the riffs with the…

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Fireworks Magazine - Steve Swift Review of Circus 

Give them the old razzle dazzle as Billy Flynn tells us. After all, how could they see with stardust in their eyes? It's the old bait and switch, the ancient shuck and jive, the well-used distraction approach. That's what this moniker is; the one that was chosen as a stage name by Vermont singer/song-writer Carl Sheperd, either to add to or take our minds off the music...

This has a little from column A and a little from column B. It has a seventies feel and a bit of Glam in the guitars, plus there is also…

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Powerplay Magazine - Mark Lacey Review of Validation 

This is Bent Muffbanger's third album and (having not heard them) I understand this is a departure of sorts from his previous releases. From the opening second of first track "Get Him in the Trunk" you're hit by a wall of sound that even Phil Spector might appreciate from within the confines of his prison cell. The guitars are full and fuzzy, the bass lines are powerful and fuzzy, and they accompany vocals which have an interesting dynamic that's reminiscent of Bowie mixed with Danzig or Killing Joke. 

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We Rock Webzine - Shane Bradley Validation release notes 

Bent Muffbanger's third album Validation is a collection of loud, in your face tracks pulled from material written during the cold, New England winter months. A bit of a departure from his other releases, this album captures your attention with it's wall of sound guitars, powerful bass lines, and distinctive vocals. From the driving 'Master of Me' to the lighter, 'You're their baby, too' you'll be hooked by the energy and care put into each and every note.

Bent Muffbanger is the stage name of Carl Sheperd…

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Independent review of debut release, Bent Muffbanger 

I received an assignment to do a review of “Bent Muffbanger”, a CD of original music that defies being classified as any particular genre. If you are looking for a screaming, heavy metal CD, then this is not for you. It does have some great guitar work that rocks, and sometimes even cries in despair.

The lyrics are very cerebral, and have a message in each track. He is a very deep thinker, and it comes though with every song. There are also some very good harmonies, and layers of guitars and voices that…

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