Independent review of debut release, Bent Muffbanger

I received an assignment to do a review of “Bent Muffbanger”, a CD of original music that defies being classified as any particular genre. If you are looking for a screaming, heavy metal CD, then this is not for you. It does have some great guitar work that rocks, and sometimes even cries in despair.

The lyrics are very cerebral, and have a message in each track. He is a very deep thinker, and it comes though with every song. There are also some very good harmonies, and layers of guitars and voices that comes across as a large band, but this whole CD was recorded and produced by a single person.

He has many other songs recorded, and is putting out more CDs as I write this review. I am very impressed with the amount of time and effort he has put into his music. I am hoping to hear more of his work because he inspires me to pick up my own guitar, and start writing some songs myself!

I will give the Bent Muffbanger CD two thumbs up, and recommend that you take a listen for yourself. He has a website where you can buy his CDs and other merchandise, and I suggest you check it out.

Keep on making music, and making the world a more pleasant place!

As Friedrich Nietzsche once said; “Without music, life would be a mistake.”

~ E. Nigma ~