Fireworks Magazine - Steve Swift Review of Circus

Give them the old razzle dazzle as Billy Flynn tells us. After all, how could they see with stardust in their eyes? It's the old bait and switch, the ancient shuck and jive, the well-used distraction approach. That's what this moniker is; the one that was chosen as a stage name by Vermont singer/song-writer Carl Sheperd, either to add to or take our minds off the music...

This has a little from column A and a little from column B. It has a seventies feel and a bit of Glam in the guitars, plus there is also some driving down the highway for "Higher Than The Sky," but it sounds like someone doing Rock, not someone living Rock. "Snowflake" produces a little of the late sixties Psyche sound doing the rounds, while there's a sweet roll but also some tuning issues for "You're the Pilot." Elsewhere, "Lay Down the Funk" doesn't, it breaks open the sour mash and those Suvvern grooves are "smoove."

For this is full of almost pastiches and that's what they sound like; the wistful Woodstock whimsy "We're all in Your Dream," there's a Grunge-lite feel to downbeat acoustic strum "In Your Bubble," and a little punky thing called "Stab Him in the Back" which isn't nasty enough to go all the way.

See that bait and switch? Big name up top and a big reaction - who cares what the music's like? As it happens, we do!

Steve Swift

Full review: Fireworks Magazine, Issue 87, Page 80
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