Powerplay Magazine - Mark Lacey Review of Validation

This is Bent Muffbanger's third album and (having not heard them) I understand this is a departure of sorts from his previous releases. From the opening second of first track "Get Him in the Trunk" you're hit by a wall of sound that even Phil Spector might appreciate from within the confines of his prison cell. The guitars are full and fuzzy, the bass lines are powerful and fuzzy, and they accompany vocals which have an interesting dynamic that's reminiscent of Bowie mixed with Danzig or Killing Joke. 

This album could be brilliant. The songs are phenomenal, and incredibly well constructed. The playing is also exceptional. And yet I found myself hoping that a record label might take ownership of this project and remix it to it's potential. This it has been created and performed by a single musician, the versatile and incredibly talented Carl Sheperd, speaks volumes about his abilities. His unique style has seen him create songs in many styles, and it could be that this is the exact sound he was going for... but as a listener, I can't help but feel it would attract more appeal with some modern production. My suggestion would be to buy it and make your own mind up. It's an enjoyable ride.

Mark Lacey

Full review: Powerplay Magazine, Issue 215, Page 46